Fence FAQs

Where are your fences built?

Our fence are constructed at our state of the art shop in Bellingham, MA.

Do your fences require much maintenance? 

Wood fences need to be properly maintained but our vinyl and aluminum fences are virtually maintenance free. 

What does the installation process entail? 

First we will come out to your home and help you select the proper fence for your needs and budget. During this visit we will:
  • Take detailed measurements. 
  • Help guide you with style selections. 
  • Discuss any potential problem areas and offer solutions. 
  • Offer suggestions and guidance to ensure your fence will meet your functional needs for years to come. 
  • Provide a detailed, computerized estimate and discuss it with you.  

After that we build your fence, locally in Bellingham, MA.

Then our punctual and courteous crews will show up, on time as scheduled, and complete the installation project in a timely, clean fashion. You can rely on receiving exceptional customer service and regular communication throughout the process

I’m measuring for a fence myself, what do I do? 

  1. Insert stakes into the ground at each corner of the fence and at each point where the fence will end, such as at the edge of your driveway, where the fence meets your home, or wherever you would like to install a gate. 
  2. Tie a string or mason’s line to each stake for a visual line of where your fence will run. 
  3. Adjust the stakes as necessary until you are happy with the layout. 
  4. Using a long tape measure, typically a reel type, measure from post to post making note of each measurement.  
We find it is helpful to sketch out your layout including gates and add the measurements to the sketch. With these measurements, you can then determine how much fence you will need based on the width of each panel. You will also be able to determine how many partial panels you will need.

Free Design Consultation

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